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Sophie Van Guillon and Didier Guillon expand with the new perfume lines the company's commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the sector. In this sense, owners of the line continue the story that began in 2018 with the purchase of the Palazoo Vonvicini.

In 2019, Venice has become the city where Didier Guillon has located the headquarters of the Valmont foundation. The Palazzo Vonvicini, which he likes to call Palazzo Nobile, houses his most prestigious exhibition and works of art, inspiring one of the perfume lines in this collection.

A project born from the common passion of Sophie and Didier Guillon for art and materials.

  • Didier, the love of art
  • Sophie, a passion for components
  • Her common admiration for Venice


Sophie and Didier Guillon dedicate their creative passion and love of art to a collection available in different intensities:

storie veneziane perfumes, 5 opulent and distinguished perfume extracts.

Collezione Privata, olfactory tributes, 3 feminine and authentic eau de parfum.

Palazzo Nobile, olfactory emotions, 6 delicate and crystalline eau de toilette.


        6 eau de toilette, crystalline that capture the heartbeat, emotions and problems that color the journey of life of each one, and whose assembled fragments make up a Venetian terrazzo, between floral and aromatic notes, an artistic, colorful and graphic, which contrasts with transparency and lightness.

        For Palazzo Nobile, Sophie Guillon interprets her heartbeat, embarrassment and emotions… with 6 subtle and nuanced eaux de toilette. She gives them a color, a soul and plays with their intensity. At once singular and delicate, each emotion is assembled and forms a mosaic of life… symbolized by the Terrazzo motif, with which Didier Guillon wears the Palazzo Nobile collection.

          An alchemy of genuine and interior sensations.

  • 6 olfactory emotions.
  • 6 eaux de toilette dedicated to those eager for discreet hedomism.

          Sophie Guillon edits floral compositions, while Didier Guillon pays tribute to the most emblematic character in the city: Casanova.

          Within this collection we find an emblematic fragrance: Casanova 2161, which bears the number of the Palace.

          This collection is made up of the following eau de toilette:

Casanova 2161: eternal seduction.

Olfactory family: woody, aromatic.

His charisma and confidence are expressed in a timeless and stylish fragrance, an aromatic woody, celebration of the mythical Vetiver, the pungent juniper berries bring freshness, while at the heart of him the elegance of the lily, flower imperial. Vetiver extract embodies the woody and slightly smoky facets of this subtle and unexpected eau de toilette. Intended for a self-confident, intelligent and calm personality. He is charismatic, subtle and stylish.

Blooming Ballet: a floral symphony.

Olfactory family: floral, fresh

 A fresh fragrance with a powdery scent. The innocent charm of this delicate and graceful woman is crystallized in the evanescent notes of Blooming Ballet, symbol of femininity, expressed in the floral freshness of the rose, the insight of the freesia flower and a powdery hue of white musk. A composition dedicated to grace, romanticism and the utopia of eternal youth, expressed in shades of pink. The ballerina's rose, fragile and refined. The awareness of the seductive power of each woman crystallizes in the sensual notes of Blooming Ballet.

Bright Poppy: a floral citrus fragrance, a tinkle of laughter.

Olfactory family: floral, citrus.

                          It is a passionate and sensual fragrance. Like a frank, jovial and communicative laugh. Britht Poppy interprets the joy of living with multiple faces, where bergamot, jasmine and cedar wood describe the optimism and freshness of a cheerful personality. Alive and sparkling like happiness, this eau de toilette extols spontaneity, stolen moments, the natural. Like the poppy whose luminosity it loves, it is wrapped in deep and vibrant red. A citrus, floral fragrance with a fresh, lively and optimistic personality.

Satin Musk - a musky floral fragrance, a powdery privacy.

Olfactory family: floral, musky.

                       A powdery and exotic fragrance. Tribute to an icon of olfactory creation. Satis Musk extols musk and the virtuous addiction it causes. It stands out in the heart of a composition that is also harmonized with aniseed notes and a jasmine accord, enveloping and delicate as a chrysalis. This eau de toilette epitomizes the powdered intimacy of a soft, understated and romantic personality, with particularly appreciated amber tones.

Secret Bamboo: an acid and dusty breeze.

Olfactory family: floral, powdery green.

                              An enveloping and comforting fragrance, an allegory of the beauty of Bamboo… expressed in a powdery green floral fragrance. At the heart of the composition reigns the soft heliotrope flower seasoned with the crunchy green apple and the freshness of the aquatic background notes. A crystalline eau de toilette, enveloping and comforting with total containment, like a breath of sour air. In the image of bamboo, it embodies a minimalist elegance without ostentation.

Sea Bliss: marine freshness.

Olfactory family: aquatic floral.

                 A fresh and pure fragrance. Sea Bliss invites escape, succumbing to the aromas of an invigorating seaside stroll with fresh and pure chords, where the solar tiaré flower sits in a revitalizing marine heart and is softened with white musks. She interprets the ozonic marine freshness, recounts the great spaces and draws the horizon line. It exalts the blue of the ocean. An authentic, no-frills eau de toilette, free seduction.


         Intuitive and spontaneous, Sophie Guillon fuels her creativity through her emotions. She shines in her projects, she assumes her choices and transgresses borders. Lover of beauty in any of her expressions, she is passionate about sewing, contemporary dance, fine arts and decorative arts.

        Because perfume is the perfect alliance between art and beauty, at Collezione Privata, Sophie Guillon pays olfactory tributes to women, whom she has adored and sublimated for 20 years.

      From her first steps in great Maisons such as Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent, she retains the magic of perfumery. She awakens her senses with noble notes, includes contrasts, reveals warm and cold tones.

      Currently, she dedicates her know-how and pays tribute to 3 women, which she shows us in eaux de parfum.

  • 3 tributes to 3 personalities.
  • 3 cosmopolitan women.
  • Sophisticated without ostentation.
  • Spontaneous, lively and frank.

       Faithful to her search for harmony, she plays with the contrasts of materials, she juxtaposes notes that divide everything, combines fabrics that contrast with everything, she gives us 3 interpretations of femininity.

      This collection is made up of the following eau de parfum:

Jazzy Twist: free and elusive woman interpreted in a sweet floral.

Olfactory family: floral, gourmand

                      A surprising, intoxicating and addictive trail, Jazzy Twist symbolizes the free and unattainable woman ... effervescent, impetuous and intoxicating,Jazzy Twist plays with her mischief, becoming childish, often impertinent, always attractive, smiles, makes fun of conventions, mix fabrics like satin and tulle, love dusty pink.

                     This composition sublimates the magnolia, a symbol of femininity. A soft and delicate flower, whose exquisite perfume awakens in contact with the fiery black pepper as the top note, and is rounded off by the delicious chocolate shavings placed as a background.

                     A surprising, intoxicating and addictive trail, reflecting the personality of Mademoiselle Jazzy Twist.

                     A bold, captivating and unexpected perfume

Lady Code: cold, seductive and yet so carnal in a sweet Cyprus harmony.

                     Olfactory family: Cyprus gourmand

                     A sensual and sophisticated timeless mix. Lady Code embodies the seductive, cold and irresistibly carnal ...

                     Feminine, without ostentation, this figure is inspired by French chic, that elegance with a natural appearance and yet governed by codes. Beneath her impassive appearance, Lady Code reveals a warm personality, known only to intimates, that everyone pretends to glimpse ...

                    Sophie interprets this contrast in a timeless and modern composition, warm and cold, sensual and sophisticated, made around jasmine. The spell opens with noble notes of pink berries, subtly spicy ... immediately sifted by the fruity sweetness of the legendary Sambac jasmine in perfumery. Exacerbated by caramelised almonds, this Chypre gourmand accord embodies placid beauty, warms an irrational charm.

                     Feminine sobriety in its most intimate details ... that intoxicating and disconcerting, the Lady Code stele.

Private Mind: mysterious, sensual, imagine around a flowery leather

                          Olfactory family: floral, acuerado.

                          An unprecedented voluptuousness with a unique trail. Private Mind represents the mysterious sensual ...

                          Her inner balance is silent and anchored in spirituality and reflection. Her introverted nature captivates those who try to understand her...

                          She loves the opulence of shiny fabrics, like fur and cashmere, that she wears on her skin.

                          A dichotomy that translates into a true floral accord, which magnifies the rose and its secrets of seduction. At the first impression of her, the fragrance celebrates the spicy warmth of saffron, enhancing her heart of rose, of a captivating femininity. Commended by feline notes of disconcerting modernity, she expresses an unprecedented voluptuousness.

                         A trail that exudes class, almost feline, for a cerebral woman of exarcerated sensuality. A secret and mysterious woman. An invitation to the secret garden of a fascinating and enigmatic woman. Her apparent calm hides a fiery temper.


       The scented jewels.


1. Birth in the universe of the cradle of perfumery: Venice.

2. Revisit the codes of artistic Venice (perfume, glass, mask and leather)

3. Five extracts of perfumes inspired by 5 authentic neighborhoods of Venice.


1. Mask that honors the art of Murano Glass.

2. Leather of the plugs in homage to the art of Venetian leather.


1. A creation signed by a passionate couple, Sophie and Didier Guillon.

2. Names inspired by the pigments used by Murano glassmakers.

3. Exclusive ingredients.

4. Haute-couture perfumes

5. Excerpts reveal the many facets of Venice and praise its traditional skills: the art of perfumery, in pure essences, chiseled like jewels.

       Wall glass, made with individually blown masks.

       Italian leather, carnal and timeless… Glued to the precious bottles.

       Venice, cradle of the art of perfumery, a city with an aura of grandeur and mystery. This city so desired, serves as the backdrop for Storie Veneziane By Valmont: a series of 5 olfactory tales, which reveal the various facets of a Venice that is sometimes seductive and enigmatic, sometimes legendary and that never stops reinventing itself.

       A true tour for beginners, like an ode to the different domains of the lagoon. The art of perfumery in the sky, Murano glass in all its majesty and Italian leather in its most fascinating version: carnal, wild and sensual.

Storie Veneziane, a series designed as a collection of high olfactory jewelry: pure essences carved like jewels, extracts of perfumes that offer a long duration.

Erba Green I: floral, fresh, delicate, spring feeling.

                         Olfactory family: floral, fresh

                         Pontile Sant`Elena at dawn. The air is fresh and delicate, it awakens the day: the city is intoxicated with that strong feeling of freedom, Verde Erba I captures that absolutely wonderful moment through a rich spring bouquet. As an introduction, the celinda envelops the composition with its pure and delicate notes. This flower, aptly called "poets jasmine" is distinguished by its warm and flowery aromas.

                         Next, the papyrus adds body to the composition with a woody and spicy accord.

                         As a final note, the vanilla absolute takes over the fragrance with its soft lianas. Sumptuous and tropical, it offers Verde Erba I all its exotic freshness.

Alessandrite I: aldehyde, floral, modern, elegant and vibrant.

                            Olfactory family: floral aldehyde

                            L`Arsenale, emblematic place of the Venice Biennale. With its vibrant modernity, L`Arsenale embodies the encounter between the past and the present more than anywhere else. Let yourself be carried away by this timeless bouquet.

                            In an unexpected and immediate way, bergamot is the first thing that hits the nose, fresh, tangy, fruity. The citrus fruit most appreciated by perfumers, this green Calabrian gold is elegantly combined with floral notes, united thanks to jasmine, which is presented here in the form of an absolute. The tips of its graceful white flowers give off sensual and fruity aromas.

                            Fresh and potent, the aldehydes just round out the fragrance with a happy, sparkling eruption.

Rosso I: floral, oriental, strength, splendor and opulence.

               Olfactory family: floral, oriental.

               San Francesco della vigna, the opulence of a Venetian palace. It is impregnated with all the majesty of the place, between strength and splendor, reminiscences of a past grandeur.

               Rosso I opens with a penetrating start of red fruits: powerful and energizing, they inaugurate the fragrance with slightly fruity notes. They then give way to the majesty of the damask rose, a true exuberant jewel of this composition. Queen of flowers, when it is adorned with all its sacred and forbidden dimension, it is when the oriental oud is noticed. Powerful, animal, masterful… it makes the composition last thanks to its smoky and fruity notes.

Gaggia Medio I: oriental, ambery, carnal, spicy and warm.

                              Olfactory family: amber

                              Dorsoduro. Authentic tangle of narrow streets, where meat and stone come together. His silhouette blends into this dew labyrinth. His hands caress the walls, and sensuality is impregnated with the minerality of the place.

                              Sparkling and citrusy, the cardamom emanates the first note and envelops Gaggia Medio I with its lemon-seasoned accords. It combines fabulously with sandalwood, from which it extracts sweet, dairy and sugary accents.

                              With a mysterious and solar trail, amber envelops the composition with a last sensual and carnal note.

Blu Cobalto I: a sweet, obsessive, captivating and addictive oriental.

                                  Olfactory family: oriental gourmand

                                  Campo San Moise, incarnation of Venetian luxury and grandeur, in the purest Baroque style. A glove of delicate cobalt blue leather thrown on the cobblestones catches his eye. He picks them up and breathes their obsessive and provocative scent.

                                  Patchouli is the starting point of this excess for the senses, it upholsters the composition with woody, humid and earthy aromas. With an impetuous effect, it gives way to the sweetness of cocoa, whose beans seem to explode to give off powerful, addictive and roasted notes. An incandescent heat seizes the senses and is prolonged by the smoky and balsamic presence of the opoponax, which ends the composition with a spicy note.

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