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It was born with the challenge of encapsulating a destination within a bottle, promoting sustainable access to artistic perfumery without the barriers of ultra-luxury or impersonal marketing campaigns.

Their story began in 2012, when they embarked on their journey in the fragrance industry and were fortunate enough to continue their apprenticeship in the Middle East. There, perfume is considered an integral part of the culture, passed down from generation to generation in every household. They worked with historic brands in the region, coordinating formulations and supplying fragrances, while sharing endless chats over tea.

From the United Arab Emirates to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, India and Pakistan, their experience grew along with the territories they worked in, expanding across East Africa and South Asia. This period allowed them to open their eyes to other cultures, their aromas and traditions.

At the end of 2018, the Mediterranean called them back home, where they decided to venture out and share their experiences in a sustainable, humane and honest way. Thus Botanicae Expressions was born, a house where they work and live intensely to continue to surprise their customers.

Botanicae Expressions products are made with care and attention to detail by artisans, transmitting delicacy in each fragrance. All their compositions are suitable for vegans, as they do not use animal ingredients, and they never test their products on animals, as part of their commitment to respect animals and the environment.

Their fragrances are unisex, designed for non-judgmental people who appreciate diversity and unique personalities. In addition, Botanicae Expressions is committed to honest pricing, reducing unnecessary costs and long distribution chains to make its products accessible to all.

The brand also strives to use sustainable materials in the production of its products, tracing each ingredient with the aim of creating products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. In short, Botanicae Expressions is much more than a fragrance brand: it is a symbol of commitment to quality, sustainability and diversity in perfumery.

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