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Antoine Soradora was born in 1902 in Loulé, under the overwhelming heat of the small town in the south of Portugal. On this tongue of land where the waves break on the cliffs, the freshly risen sea foam swirls in the wind and reminds us how light life is. 

Antoine Soradora's parents lived their whole life from the exploitation of the land. A strong believer, the young man accompanied them every Sunday to St. Clement's Church. 

Antoine Soradora was a loner. His elders saw in him the possibility of being a future wise priest, because the boy was wise. But secretly the young man felt an intimate and mysterious ardor. His enthusiasm for scents and perfumes. 

He pays special attention to every scent that surrounds him in his daily environment. Like lavender hanging wildly along the paths, the fusion of earth and water, of the fountain at the edge of the shade, of peat and hay, of freshly cut spring grass, flowers and fruits. It is 1920. 

Although his father taught him the love of the land, at the age of 18, Antoine Soradora faced a dilemma, whether to continue on that path or leave his country to live his life to the fullest. 

While the winter, wet and mild, seems not to end, the young man receives news that will change the course of his life "France is recruiting foreigners as laborers to work in its large mining operations" his friend Sandro tells him on a street corner. 

Without looking back, Antoine Soradora makes the decision to leave his homeland. The journey was difficult but he finally made it to Bouches-Durhône and more precisely to a small village called Gréasque. 

There, he was welcomed by a French family who gave him a modest shed at the bottom of their garden. The young man was very happy. The first sign of recognition went to this family, transforming this virgin land into a small paradise. A garden of Eden in Provence, full of flowers, fruit trees and hundreds of varieties of aromatic plants.

During this period, his days were spent between working in the mine and maintaining his garden. When he had free time, Antoine Soradora would go to discover the region. 

Throughout the visits, he remained under the charm of the grassy city. On the heights of the small town, the young man had the happy meeting with Étienne, a jasmine grower whom he admired at first sight.  The two quickly complemented each other, there being a natural complicity brought by their shared passion for plants. 

Antoine Soradora showed him his garden and together they cultivated it. The boy from Loulé now became head gardener of jasmine estate. Secretly, he began in parallel to work on a new project with his friend. 

Antoine Soradora and Étienne take advantage of their knowledge, sensitivity and experience with perfumes. Thanks to the capital obtained by the cultivation of jasmine, the two men were free to order all the raw materials necessary for their work. 

Upon the death of his friend, Antoine Soradora took over the project. He put his creativity at the service of fragrances and produced his first perfume, just one year after taking over the workshop. 

The young man discovers the small bars of the city of Aix-en-Provence. There he met Rose a Gréasquien, who would become his wife. With her he had three daughters to whom he transmitted all his experience, wisdom and exigency. 

Today, SORADORA has become a prestigious perfume brand for 4 generations. 

In the 7 versions offered by the 2021 Collection, you will find all the power and emotion of the journey of this man who left his homeland and his family to realize his dream.

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