SPIRIT OF DUBAI is a luxury Arabian niche brand, a subsidiary of Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies, pioneers in the perfume industry.

 The creator and master perfumer of Spirit of Dubai is Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), 

 Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies is a powerful group of world-renowned companies and award-winning perfume house. This company was born out of the dream of one man, Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), master perfumer and creator of the SPIRIT OF DUBAI brand. Nabeelf was founded in 1969 as a result of the strength of his desire, passion and dedication to luxury perfumery. 

 Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), renowned master perfumer, has created 15 fragrances for the SPIRIT OF DUBAI brand. The first 8 are a niche collection, labelled as the 'first generation', where each fragrance in concept, presentation and perfume represents a different attribute of the city of Dubai, from its undulating beaches to its soaring towers and its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous.

 An inspiration. A celebration. A tribute. Nabeel Perfumes is writing a new chapter in its fragrance history and proudly presents its luxury fragrance line called THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI. Inspired by 'Dubai', a city that encompasses a wide variety of landscapes, captivating the contrasts of ancient tradition and the luxuries of a cosmopolitan society.

 The new Spirit of Dubai perfume, created in 2022 (ROEYA, the ninth in the "first generation" collection) is inspired by the future of Dubai, unlike the other 8 fragrances, which were inspired by the already created and existing beauties of the country. 


 Welcome to Dubai, an oasis of unimaginable luxury. From soaring skyscrapers to bubbling souks. The city offers sights and sounds never seen or heard before. Dubai is an immersive experience.

 THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI is based on traditional techniques perfected over 100 years, bringing the fragrances of Arabia to the world.

 THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI'S MISSION is to be part of the sights, sounds and scents of Dubai. To evoke feelings of nostalgia and belonging. To keep ancient traditions and techniques alive. To become synonymous with Dubai.


 The exclusive SPIRIT OF DUBAI range of perfumes was launched at The Dubai Mall on 2 January 2015. The fragrances have been praised globally for their success in offering the world a sensory adventure of Dubai. The blend of high quality natural materials creates a long lasting memorable scent that will leave a lasting impression. 

 The collection's innovative and detailed packaging has also been highly praised. Each fragrance comes in an elegant bottle with embellishments that highlight its inspirational element, with a high quality bejewelled cap.

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