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Aquatic perfumes are like a refreshing breeze that transports us to the seashore. These olfactory creations, with their aquatic, salty, and marine notes, capture the essence of the ocean, inviting us on a sensory journey through freshness and vitality. Additionally, many of these perfumes include the unusual but intriguing touch of oxygen, adding a unique dimension to the aromatic experience. Discover our aquatic perfumes for spring and summer at Perfumería Laura.

Characteristics of aquatic perfumes: The essence of the sea in a bottle

Aquatic perfumes stand out for their harmonious combination of aquatic and salty notes. The fresh and transparent aquatic notes evoke the purity of crystal-clear water, intertwining with salty notes that bring a hint of sea breeze and the sensation of being near the coast. Together, these notes create an olfactory symphony reflecting the breadth and serenity of the ocean.

The presence of marine notes in aquatic perfumes is like diving into the depths of the sea. These notes capture the essence of seaweed, corals, and other marine elements, creating a fresh and enriching aromatic experience. The complexity of marine notes adds depth beyond the surface, transporting the user to an underwater world of fragrances.

A distinctive element in many aquatic perfumes is the inclusion of oxygen, an uncommon yet fascinating addition. This note brings a sense of vitality and freshness to the perfume, as if you were inhaling sea breeze at the top of a wave. This touch of oxygen elevates the fragrance, making it more than just a scent but a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.

Aquatic perfumes find their ideal moment during the warmer seasons of the year: spring and summer. These fresh and invigorating fragrances are the perfect choice for sunny days and warm nights. Their lightness and vitality complement the positive energy that characterizes these seasons, making them ideal companions for those seeking a refreshing olfactory experience.

Embark on a wave of freshness with Perfumería Laura's aquatic perfumes

At Perfumería Laura, we invite you to a unique experience of freshness and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the charm of the sea with our exclusive collection of aquatic perfumes, designed to transport you to the sea breeze and vitality of the ocean. Discover the refreshing touch that only our perfumery can offer and dive into the captivating world of perfumes that awaken the senses. The sea awaits you in every fragrance.


Maison Tahité has perfected the art of incorporating aquatic notes into its perfumes that are not only fresh but also elegant. Each drop of these essences reflects the purity of water, creating an olfactory experience that is both ethereal and sophisticated. Maison Tahité's aquatic notes are like a liquid caress, awakening the sensation of freshness and vitality.

Discover the distinction of Maison Tahité and immerse yourself in a world where the essence of the sea becomes an incomparable perfumed luxury:



Tiziana Terenzi's aquatic perfumes stand out for their exceptional aquatic notes, a true symphony of freshness that evokes the revitalizing sensation of diving into crystal-clear waters. Each drop of these essences is like a refreshing dance on the skin, carrying with it the elegance and vitality of the ocean with every application. These aquatic perfumes are more than a seasonal experience. They are a burst of freshness for the whole year. The versatility of these fragrances makes them a perfect choice for any moment, whether enjoying the spring sun or warm summer nights.

Delight your senses today with the magic of Tiziana Terenzi's aquatic perfumes:


White Fire.


Each creation from this distinguished brand stands as a sensory masterpiece, transporting you on a journey full of sophistication and marine charm. Palazzo Nobile by Valmont's aquatic perfumes are characterized by the purity of their aquatic notes, a liquid freshness that becomes the distinctive signature of each fragrance. These notes capture the unparalleled essence of water, providing an exclusive olfactory experience that envelops the senses with unmatched elegance.

Discover the luxury of Palazzo Nobile by Valmont and let each fragrance transport you to the perfect intersection between palatial majesty and marine freshness. Embark on this exceptional olfactory journey right now!

Sea Bliss.

Secret Bamboo.


The marine notes of this brand are an olfactory narrative that immerses you in the depths of the ocean. Etat Libre D'orange uses these notes to tell stories that evoke the mystery and diversity of the sea. The complexity of these fragrances reflects the richness of the waters, creating a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

Discover the bold world of Etat Libre D'orange and let each fragrance be a testament to your unique style.

Hermann a mes cotes.


In the modern perfumery sector, the Comporta brand stands out for redefining boundaries with its original aquatic perfumes. Each creation from this innovative fragrance house is an exceptional olfactory adventure, merging the freshness of water with the distinctive and contemporary expression that characterizes this brand. Comporta elevates salty notes to a sophisticated statement of coastal authenticity. Each fragrance is an ode to the salty breeze, capable of transporting you to the coast through an intense olfactory journey.

Immerse yourself in the world of Comporta's aquatic perfumes and discover their unique freshness at Perfumería Laura:




Il Profvmo's aquatic perfumes are an invitation to explore the art of perfumery in a unique way. With aquatic, salty, marine notes, and touches of oxygen, this brand has woven an olfactory experience that celebrates innovation and elegance. Each masterpiece is a sensory odyssey that fuses the freshness of water with the mastery and innovation characteristic of this brand. This contemporary touch infuses vitality and energy, symbolizing the brand's deep inspiration in the world of perfumery. In short, their aquatic perfumes are like a breath of fresh air that boldly and avant-garde awakens the senses.

Discover them all in our online store:

Pioggia Salata.

Aria di Mare.


Carthusia is a brand capable of distilling the soul of the sea into all its aquatic perfumes. Their fragrances are authentic olfactory poems that enclose the serene and marine essence of the ocean, carrying with them the craftsmanship that makes this brand unique. Carthusia's aquatic notes are like the freshness that gently slides like sea waves. Each perfume reveals a palette of liquid nuances, transporting the user to the ocean shore with a freshness that unfolds with smoothness and harmony.

Don't wait any longer to be captivated by the marine freshness of Carthusia:



Lorenzo Pazzaglia's aquatic perfumes are truly captivating. Their refreshing notes are like a fluid breeze that awakens all the senses. Each perfume is a tribute to the vitality of water, unfolding a freshness that gently envelops and captivates with its distinctive character. This dynamic component symbolizes the deep breath of the ocean, adding a dimension that revitalizes and renews with each application.

Discover the fresh elegance of Lorenzo Pazzaglia and let each fragrance be an expression of your connection to serenity and marine vitality:

Artik Sea.

Dream Sea.

Sex Sea.

Black Sea.


Toni Cabal's aquatic perfumes are an invitation to explore an ocean of sensations. Each creation is a tide of sensations, intertwining the freshness of water with the creativity and distinctive vision that characterize Toni Cabal. The result can only be vibrant, stimulating aquatic perfumes with their own personality.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the marine nature hand in hand with Toni Cabal, a true Spanish master perfumer:

Infinite Blue.


At the heart of luxury perfumery, The Spirit of Dubai stands as a jewel that captures the essence of the ocean in its aquatic perfumes. Each fragrance is an aromatic journey that immerses you in the freshness of water, carrying with it the elegance and distinctive sophistication of the brand. Their aquatic perfumes are refreshing like the sea breeze, authentic like the personality of the ocean, and mysterious like the depths of the reefs.

Discover the refined world of Spirit of Dubai and let each fragrance inundate you this coming spring and summer:



Ramon Monegal invites us on a wonderful journey through the reflections of the sea. His aquatic perfumes are authentic masterpieces of refreshing chords that awaken all your senses with a gentle embrace. Ramon Monegal's salty touches add a marine elegance that perfumes the air with sophistication. Each drop carries with it the pure essence of the coast, creating a sensory experience that evokes the salty breeze and the unique authenticity of coastal waters.

Discover the magic of Ramon Monegal's aquatic perfumes at Perfumería Laura:



Bruno Perrucci's aquatic perfumes are an invitation to explore oceanic aromas. With aromatic waves, salty mist, deep immersion, revitalizing bubbles, and boundless elegance, this brand has created an olfactory experience that captures the essence of water with distinctive and stimulating elegance. Bruno Perrucci's deep immersion is reflected in every drop of his aquatic perfumes. Each fragrance is an olfactory dive into the mysterious depths of the sea, unleashing an olfactory narrative that transports the user on an oceanic exploration journey, full of mystery and serenity.

Discover the sensory world of Bruno Perrucci and let each fragrance transport you to oceans of peace and tranquility:

Oktober Lake.


In the kaleidoscopic universe of high-end perfumery, Moresque stands out as a painter of emotions, and its aquatic perfumes are an olfactory watercolor that captures the fluid and elegant essence of water. Each creation is an aromatic masterpiece that carries with it the exquisite creativity and unique vision that distinguishes this brand. Each Moresque perfume is like a drop of freshness, liquid brushstrokes that awaken the senses with their smoothness and vitality. The fragrance unfolds a vitality that slides like a watercolor, inviting the user to immerse themselves in an olfactory experience that is both subtle and exciting.

Enjoy the olfactory experience of Moresque at Perfumería Laura:

Sahara Blue.


Mancera's aquatic perfumes are like an elegant and fresh song. Their refreshing chords immerse us in a calm and peaceful dream, capable of rocking us like sea waves. Mancera's aquatic notes are the crystalline essence that awakens the senses with its purity. Each drop carries with it the translucent freshness of water, creating a sensory experience that evokes the clarity and unique vitality of the ocean.

Open your senses to the unique aroma of Mancera's aquatic perfumes in our online store. The journey has already begun!:

French Riviera.

In conclusion, aquatic perfumes are authentic olfactory experiences that capture the very essence of the ocean and bring it into your daily life. In spring and summer, when nature awakens and the sun shines brightly, aquatic perfumes become the perfect companion, reminding us of the eternal beauty of the ocean and the promise of days filled with light and freshness. Welcome to an incomparable olfactory adventure!

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