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It originates from an aromatic molecule that does not exist in nature, known as Iso E Super, developed in an IFF laboratory in 1973. Although this molecule remained largely unknown outside the field of perfumery, its subtle presence is perceived in numerous fragrances for both men and women. Among perfumers, Iso E Super is appreciated for its velvety and enveloping effect.

When perfumer Geza Schoen first discovered Iso E Super, he had a revelation. He recognised that many of his favourite fragrances contained this molecule in large quantities. Schoen began to experiment, creating fragrances that highlighted the presence of Iso E Super in a bold way.

The launch of Escentric Molecules in 2006 was a milestone in the world of perfumery. The brand offered a new perspective by introducing fragrances that highlighted the uniqueness of Iso E Super. Each Escentric Molecules creation, from the first 01 fragrances to the latest such as Escentric Molecules 05, focuses on rare aromatic molecules that possess exceptional brilliance and depth of character.

With an innovative approach, Escentric Molecules challenges the conventions of traditional perfumery by focusing on unique ingredients and unprecedented concentrations of aromatic molecules. From artists to fragrance lovers, the brand has attracted a wide range of admirers who appreciate its boldness and originality.

Each Escentric Molecules fragrance is the result of careful research and development, exploring the potential of each aromatic molecule to create a unique sensory experience. Iso E Super, the cornerstone of the brand, is presented in exceptional concentrations that highlight its distinctive character and its ability to transform a fragrance into something truly memorable.

In addition to Iso E Super, other prominent aromatic molecules in the Escentric Molecules range include Ambroxan, Javanol and Vetiveryl Acetate. These molecules, each with their own unique olfactory profile, are skilfully combined to create fragrances that awaken the senses and defy expectations.

The Escentric Molecules philosophy focuses on simplicity and purity. The brand's fragrances are presented in minimalist and elegant packaging that reflects its approach to the very essence of perfumery. With a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, Escentric Molecules has become a benchmark in the fragrance industry, appealing to those looking for more than just a cologne.

The reception of Escentric Molecules since its launch has been overwhelmingly positive. From glowing reviews to a loyal customer base across the globe, the brand has proven its ability to captivate and delight the most discerning fragrance lovers.

Geza Schoen, the perfumer behind Escentric Molecules, is renowned for his innovative approach and passion for exploring new territories in perfumery. With each creation, Schoen continues to challenge the boundaries of creativity and redefine the contemporary fragrance landscape.

In short, Escentric Molecules is much more than a fragrance brand. It is a symbol of innovation, creativity and audacity in the world of perfumery. With its unique approach and commitment to quality, the brand continues to captivate fragrance lovers around the world, taking the olfactory experience to new heights.

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