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Evil Angel Extrait de Parfum 50 ml - Lorenzo Pazzaglia

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Evil Angel Extrait de Parfum 50 ml - Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Evil Angel - Lorenzo Pazzaglia

MAIN AROMAS: woody, citrus, fruity, sweet, aromatic, tropical, green, vanilla, spicy freshness

EXIT NOTES: citrusy, fruity, green

HEARTNOTE: woody, sweet, aromatic

BACKGROUND NOTE: tropical, vanilla, fresh spiced

MAIN AROMAS: woody, citrus, fruity, sweet, aromatic, tropical, green, vanilla, fresh spicy. A symphony of contrasts defines the main chords of Evil Angel. In its composition, woody, citrus and fruity notes intertwine with an aromatic sweetness. The woody character provides a robust and enveloping base, while the citrus and fruity hints add freshness and vitality to the blend. This balance is enhanced by tropical and green nuances, creating a complex and captivating sensory experience. Finally, the sweet vanilla scent and fresh spicy notes bring an intriguing depth and sense of mystery to the perfume.

EXIT NOTES: citrus, fruity, green. The top notes of Evil Angel unfold a refreshing and vibrant explosion. A dynamic blend of citrus and fruity aromas greet you with exhilarating energy. Green tones bring a touch of natural freshness, transporting the senses to a lush tropical landscape. This lively opening sets the stage for the richness and complexity that will be revealed in the following layers.

HEART NOTE: Woody, sweet, aromatic. At the heart of Evil Angel is a harmonious fusion of woody and sweet notes. The wood envelops the senses with its warmth and depth, while the aromatic sweetness adds an enticing softness. This marriage of elements creates a sense of sensuality and comfort, evoking the image of an exotic garden in full bloom. The fragrance unfolds with captivating elegance, revealing layers of complexity and sophistication.

BACKGROUND NOTE: Tropical, vanilla, spicy freshness. The base note of Evil Angel leaves a lasting and memorable impression. A vanilla base envelops the fragrance with its comforting softness, adding a seductive, enveloping dimension. Fresh spicy notes linger subtly, providing a touch of mystery and depth that lingers on the skin. This unique combination of elements creates an irresistible trail, leaving an unforgettable impression on the wearer and those around them.

"Evil Angel a.k.a. 28.09 is much more than just a fragrance; it is a sensory experience that awakens the senses and defies convention. From the moment this captivating creation by Lorenzo Pazzaglia is sprayed, an unprecedented olfactory journey is unleashed, where the duality of darkness and light is intertwined in every note.

The scent begins its intriguing dance with an explosion of tropical fruits and fruity notes, evoking the exuberance of an unknown paradise. The invigorating freshness of mint and citrus, especially green lime, adds a lively and refreshing touch, like a whisper of breeze on a tropical night. However, this freshness is soon contrasted by the bitter complexity of wormwood, which adds a dark and mysterious nuance, like shadows looming in the gloom of the night.

As the fragrance develops on the skin, notes of cashmere wood and Paraguayan petit grain emerge, bringing a sense of warmth and depth. Musk intertwines with notes of rain and oak, creating an earthy, sensual atmosphere that invites night-time exploration. It is like walking through a dark and mysterious forest, where every whisper of the wind carries with it an ancient secret.

At the heart of "Evil Angel a.k.a. 28.09" is a captivating blend of citron, rum, coconut, cinnamon, whisky and black acacia, evoking the sensuality and mystery of the night. The seductive sweetness of vanilla and Bourbon vanilla intertwines with the warm embrace of Iso E Super, creating an enveloping and addictive trail that leaves a lasting impression. Meanwhile, sandalwood, tobacco, cedar and myrrh add a smoky, mystical depth that further immerses you in the enchanting darkness of this unique fragrance.

In short, "Evil Angel a.k.a. 28.09" is an olfactory masterpiece that challenges the limits of perception and awakens a passion for the unknown. With each inhalation, you dive deeper into its intriguing universe, where the duality between good and evil fades into the darkness of the night, and only the irresistible allure of an evil angel remains.

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Lorenzo Pazzaglia

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