The XERJOFF brand was founded in 2007 and launched by Sergio Momo with the aim of combining the most luxurious materials, in order to produce artistic creations with a strong Italian identity.

 The result is a collection of some of the most exquisite and unique limited edition scents available today, using rare raw materials and a contemporary artistic sensibility.

 Through years of research and development, in collaboration with leading Italian artisans, who combined the distillation, blending and packaging of the precious essences created in Grasse, Spain and Italy have made XERJOFF an exceptional fragrance within luxury Italian perfumery. .


 These perfumes are distilled by what is known as haute perfumery, an extraction process that dates back to the beginning of the history of perfumery. The final result of the joint distillation of 2 essential oils at different boiling points is a creative and qualitative alternative to standard distillation methods.

Thanks to the latest technologies, this method reappears in XERJOFF proposals to create unprecedented aromas, with defined proportions for each of the 2 ingredients. The goal is to achieve an olfactory balance, which varies depending on the desired result.


This technique is a highly technological extraction process that makes it possible to break down the aroma of an ingredient into its various components, to select only those of greatest interest, depending on the required result.


 Perfume does not exist without a container. Throughout history, glass has been and continues to be the material chosen by perfumers as the preferred container to house their creations. Malleable to infinity, the sculptor and the glassmaker, craftsmen who face the design of the bottle, have a material that easily accepts all the shapes that the creator's imagination wishes to capture on its surface.

 Another quality of glass is its ability to isolate the perfume from the environment and to keep its aromatic characteristics stable, as long as the container remains well closed and in a cool place.

 The importance of the perfume bottle is such that its designs require 1 to 2 years of dedication to completion.

 XERJOFF has designed with an amalgamation of precious and semi-precious hand-cut stones, quartz, Murano glass, wood, brass and gold, which help define each masterpiece displayed in modern and handcrafted bottles, each topped with the stopper. of the firm XERJOFF.

 Italy has been able to provide the world with almost all the scents that can be dreamed of, backed by a high level of quality, selection of raw materials, care in treatment, exquisiteness in presentation. Italian perfumes have managed to conquer international markets.

 XERJOFF PERFUMES are a sum of olfactory effects to which only harmony, balance and the choice of its creator Sergio Momo give it a category of art.


1. First of all let's talk about the XJ 17/17 collection is a combination of scents inspired by minerals and the semi-precious stones exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London.

   This range encompasses a Quartz Collection with frescoes made by hand, decorated with quartz, embossed 18-carat gold and rubies. A limited edition Murano collection with 18-karat gold finishes and a Collection of Stones as labels.

This collection is composed of the following fragrances:

Elle Parfum (floral, oriental)

man (leather)

Richwood (woody)

Damarose (floral)

2. Secondly, we will talk about the XERJOFF collection called SHOOTING STARS COLLECTION, which is inspired by a Siberian meteor shower. Each of the perfumes in this collection is presented in a glass bottle and packaged in a leather box encrusted with a piece of meteorite.

This collection is made up of the following perfumes:

Amber & Musk (floral)

Cruz del Sur II (fruity, exotic)

Nio (woody aromatic)

Uden (fougere marine)

Uden Overdose (fourgere marine)

3. In third place we find the XERJOFF collection that receives the name of OUD STARS COLLECTION. It is dedicated entirely to the traditional production of Arab perfumes. It is a prestigious collection created from the pure distillation of oud, combining luxurious styles with creativity.

   The name of each perfume has been linked to the ancient manuscript “Journey of Ibn Battuta”.

This XERJOFF collection has the following perfumes:

Alexandria II (eastern)

fars (eastern)

Alexandria III (Eastern)

Luxor (East)

4. Fourthly, we will talk about the XERJOFF collection called 1861 COLLECTION. Since 1861, Italy has united the identity of a people who define themselves as poets, saints and sailors, with an extraordinary talent for creativity written in their DNA.

   Developed from a love of aesthetics, an artistic heritage, a refined creativity permeated in all aspects of Italian life.

   150 years marks an important anniversary for Italy and XERJOFF wants to celebrate this moment with the launch of XJ 1861, a tribute to Italian grandeur and glamour.

This collection has the following perfumes:

Naxos (gourmand)

Renaissance (fruity fourgere)

Zefiro (Spicy, Oriental)

5. In fifth place we talk about the XERJOFF collection that receives the name of XERJOFF “V”. XERJOFF stars in velvet in this collection. Dense, tactile and mysterious. With its intense and soft glow, this delicate and precious material lends elegance to such iconic perfumes as "Accento" and "Erba Pura".

This collection has the following perfumes:

Accent (fruity)

Erba Pura (fruity)

Soprano (Oriental, Floral)

Opera (oriental, floral)

Accento Overdose (fruity, aromatic)

6. Sixthly, we talk about the XERJOFF collection called JOIN THE CLUB COLLECTION. Each JOIN THE CLUB creation offers a new way of understanding perfume. Each eau de parfum evokes a place with a well-defined atmosphere.

This collection has the following perfumes:

More tan Words (fruity, floral)

40 Knots (woody)

Commander (fruity, floral)

7. In seventh place COOFFE BREAK COLLECTION (EXCLUSIVE FOR XJ UNIVERSE). This XERJOFF collection is inspired by the intriguing and centuries-old history of the international coffee trade, in which personalized perfumes are made using olfactory notes inspired by the different places where the history of coffee has left its mark.

In this collection we find a single GOLDEN MOKA perfume, whose olfactory family is oriental citrus.

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